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The Core of PixelApes

Photo of Alex Leonard - Lead Developer at PixelApes

Alex Leonard

Alex has been developing websites since 2001 and has a broad range of proficiencies, including PHP, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 as well as extensive experience in bespoke solutions, building web apps, and extensively customising WordPress.

Photo of Donn Maguire - Lead Designer at PixelApes

Donn Maguire

Having studied new media creative design and media production, Donn has over 10 years of design experience behind him.

PixelApes Partners

We have partnered with a select number of companies in order to provide refined solutions for our customers.


Opus provides PixelApes with hosting & network solutions, additional SEO services, and tailored marketing & advertising strategies. Opus have always proved a dependable partner for PixelApes and help to deliver increased value for our clients.


PixelApes have worked with DevHaus on numerous projects since 2014, ensuring we can scale to meet the needs of any project. In house services provided by DevHaus expands our mobile development and user experience consultancy capabilities.

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