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Graphic Design

More than pretty pictures

Making a good and lasting impression is critical for your business. By understanding your company's audience and vision we can create a brand that is suitable and reassuring for your customers. We create logo designs and print work that clearly communicates your goals and helps achieve them by having digestible and beautiful literature.

We feel very strongly that design is more than just making your work look good, it also serves the crucial purpose of instilling a sense of trust in your business whilst clearly portraying your message. Our graphic design services include:

  • Logo & branding design
  • Print & layout design (stationery sets, business cards, brochures, annual reports)
  • Digital design
  • UI / UX design

Web Development

Optimised for your business

Through proper planning, PixelApes identify the most efficient options for your business requirements. We ensure cost savings for our clients and also provide crucial guidance, drawn from years of experience, on how to deliver the most effective product.

Our speed-optimised websites consistently perform 80-90% faster than global averages, a vital consideration in driving increased sales.

On top of technology

With a broad and continually evolving range of technical expertise, PixelApes provide the best solutions for your business and give our clients access to:

  • certified PHP development;
  • mobile optimisation;
  • powerful front end stack with extensive HTML5, Javascript, and CSS toolsets;
  • deep and extensive WordPress development experience;
  • bespoke web applications customised for your business;
  • API development.


The best start for your project

PixelApes know that the most important stage of any project is the beginning. Bringing our extensive experience of web projects to the table, we can provide guidance, planning assistance, goal creation, and detailed technical specifications.

Through a refined process we create a clear picture of your organisation's needs, and deliver reports and specifications highlighting the key areas for a successful project.

Defining targets

An important aspect frequently overlooked at the commencement of a project, whether web, mobile, or rebranding, is the setting of targets.

PixelApes will analyse your current business strategy and help you to define measurable targets for your project, allowing you to judge the success of your project in the short, medium and long term.

Consultation Process

  • Business and market analysis
  • Project consultation and target setting
  • Wireframing
  • Technical specifications
  • UI/UX Consultation

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